A Guide to Choosing The Right Office Design For Your Company

A Guide to Choosing The Right Office Design For Your Company

The traditional office cubicle had been under siege for years, with Covid-19 putting the shift to more innovative office spaces into warp speed. Therefore, to remain competitive in the hybrid corporate work environment, companies must carefully choose the right office design to appeal to a dynamic workforce. The following guide offers a glance at a selection of the most popular office design ideas to help you find the right fit for your company. 

Most Trendy: Home-Like Office

The pandemic caused professionals to transition to remote work at a record clip. While this initially caused some inconvenience for those who had never had a chance to work from home before, people quickly figured out how to design their home workspaces in ways most conducive to productivity and success.

As more and more workers have the option to return to their company offices, professionals are not always ready to give up the comforts of their home offices and go back to someone else’s idea of what their workspace should look like. As a result, the most trendyl office design trend is to create a space with a high level of customizability, giving workers the chance to bring a little bit of home to work.

Key features: Dressers in place of filing cabinets; homey accessories, such as ceramic planters, prints and decorative wastebaskets; and comfortable office furniture.

Most Versatile: Multipurpose Work Areas

Continuing with how remote work has changed the commercial office landscape, many companies simply do not need as much space today as they did 10 years ago. After all, a larger percentage of their workforce is working from home, and the mega company meetings that gather everyone into a single conference room are a thing of the past.

Many modern office spaces are now simply open spaces that can be quickly transformed from work areas to meeting rooms to company lounges. Since in-person office hours have diminished, some of these multipurpose work areas are being designed so that companies can share rent with another, allowing for a quick transition to meet each organization’s needs.

Key features: Lightweight furniture that can be quickly and easily moved, acoustic ceiling panels that dampen noise in open spaces, and customizable glass partitions that allow for the efficient creation of office areas and meeting rooms.

Boldest: Industrial Style

In a revolt against the stiff, highly processed look of the traditional office cubicle, many modern office buildings are borrowing from industrial style design. The industrial look brings elements of the garage or warehouse decor into the contemporary workplace, with high ceilings, concrete walls, and exposed rafters. The industrial style is a great choice for not only those companies that want a bold shift from the traditional office but those featuring many transitions between the office and fieldwork and value a no-frills design.

Key features: Polished concrete floors, metal workstations and desks made of stainless steel, and rustic wood shelving.

Most Socially Conscious: Eco-Friendly

The working professional has never seemed more socially conscious than in 2021. A study found that three-fourths of millennials would take a pay cut to work for a company that engages in socially conscious business practices. While this may include everything from narrowing the gender wage gap to supporting diversity and racial justice in the community, one of the top priorities for modern professionals is working for a company that reduces its carbon footprint.

With this in mind, the eco-friendly office design is something businesses should keep in mind in 2021. Simple steps, such as going paperless and having motion-detected lights, do not embody the full power of the eco-friendly design. The entire office space can be fabricated sustainably, for instance, by using recycled materials for office furniture or choosing paint and insulation that is low on VOCs.

Key features: Large windows to reduce electric light dependence during the day, flooring made from reclaimed elements, and desks and chairs made from recycled plastic and metal products

Best for Social Distancing: Biophilic

Another byproduct of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the shift to create functional exterior workspaces. Companies have begun utilizing architectural shading to convert patios, breezeways, and awnings into outside office space, giving employees the chance to breathe in some much-needed fresh air throughout the day. This trend has come in conjunction with the biophilic movement, in which commercial offices seek to bring elements of nature inside, creating a truly transitional environment for the modern worker.

Key features: Living walls, an abundance of flowing water, flexible shading, and weather-resistant furniture.

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Office Design

Commercial office design has come a long way over the past decade. Gone is the stiff office cubicle, replaced with more innovative spaces that reflect the needs and values of contemporary professionals. By considering the comprehensive guide listed above, your company can choose from many modern styles to find the best fit.

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