Collaborate 2021: Vista ERP Users Reveal Their Favorite…

Collaborate 2021: Vista ERP Users Reveal Their Favorite…

End-User Tip #2 – Use Vista’s Broad Search Capabilities

– Don’t overlook the value of searching for what you need using keywords

“There are lots of different ways you can search for things in the system,” says Kotz.

Whether it’s a full name or a single word in the name, Kotz says that the search functionality of the Vista ERP allows him to find what he’s looking for across multiple fields.

“Let’s say I’m looking for a service partner or company with the name ‘drilling’ in there,” says Kotz. “It’s going to search for anybody in that field with that related word. It’s really powerful.”

End-User Tip #3 – Speed-Up Data Entry

– Speed up your data entry with F3

– Use “Previous Value” for sequential entry that may change from transaction to transaction (INlocation, Scope, Vendor, etc.)

– Use “Fixed Value” where entries never change based on your role or geographic location (Service Center, Tax Code, PR Local, etc.)

– Column Reordering: A superior alternative to hiding columns

 -Consider mandatory fields and validation checks when you do this

Veronica Healey, Development Manager of Process and Systems at Troy Life and Fire Safety, utilizes keystroke shortcuts to tackle data entry more quickly and efficiently.

“These shortcuts can really help speed up your data entry and are great for forms with a lot of manual entry,” says Healey. “If you can imagine purchase order forms where you’re entering multiple lines, perhaps a project material entry, or work order scope.”

While this allows Healey to tackle vast amounts of data all at once, reordering columns can make some processes more efficient by compressing or eliminating steps.

End-User Tip #4 – Quick Document Editing Access

– Quick and easy document viewing, adding or editing with grid views

– Enable your attachment lister so you can quickly see what’s there

– You can access and attach your documents this way as well

The document management tool is one that Kotz and Healey both use often, and allows for quick and easy tweaks to documents whenever necessary:

“It’s a great way to just quickly see what’s attached to that record as you’re switching between them, so that if you’re looking for something specific, and you’re not sure where it is; or you want to make sure all the appropriate attachments are where they’re supposed to be, you can use the attachment lister to do that instead of opening the attachment form itself or the record form. You can then use the attachment form itself to get to those items,” says Healey.

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