Equans targets decarbonising school retrofit market

Equans targets decarbonising school retrofit market

Phil Puccio

The Government has pledged to pour cash into slashing public building emissions with the schools estate seen as a key recipient for its recently launched £1bn retrofit fund

Equans’ new school estate decarbonising service – School Zero – is based a two-pronged approach. This involves consultancy involving fully costed bespoke decarbonising measures for schools as well as separately galvanising teachers and children who use buildings to get involved in the net zero agenda.

Colin Macpherson, Divisional CEO for Equans UK & Ireland, said: “We don’t just want to put up some solar panels and walk away.  We are fully invested in this product and the decision to offer the teaching material for free is a testament to this.

The School Zero model sees Equans collect and analyse energy and carbon data, survey buildings to benchmarks current emissions.

From this, it will set out impactful decarbonisation measures to achieve net zero carbon in operation.

This could involve improving heating system controls, swapping gas boilers and installing thermal efficient windows and doors, or providing EV charge points, installing smart building sensors and also enhancing school grounds with tree planting.

To support these retrofits, Equans will also provide free-to-all teaching materials for Key Stage 1 and 2 including ‘TED’ style talks for teachers to support and grow their understanding of climate change and help them better engage pupils and local communities on the agenda.

Mark Dolling, Education Director for Equans UK & Ireland, said: “The UK has bold ambitions for lowering greenhouse gas emissions and every industry, sector and organisation has to play its part.

“Equans has combined expertise in energy, retrofit and construction and we have worked with hundreds of schools across the country to deliver new build, refurbishment and facilities management – so we are uniquely placed to bring this product to market.

“Young people can be overwhelmed by climate change, so we wanted to create an approach that was postive, pro-active and engaging, creating ‘School Zero Heroes’ and confidence that they can and will make a tangible difference.”



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