Getting The Most Out Of Virtual Groundbreak 2021

Getting The Most Out Of Virtual Groundbreak 2021

Whether you’re a seasoned conference goer or new to industry events, attending conferences can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. We all want to squeeze in as much as we can in a short amount of time. With many events still going virtual, it’s nice to know that navigating an online version of your favorite construction conference can be easy and even more affordable.

Here’s your guide to getting the most out of Procore’s Virtual Groundbreak 2021, which runs from Oct. 12-14, 2021.

More Networking Opportunities

Since the first Groundbreak in 2015, the event has grown way beyond a user meeting experience. Today, it is one of the industry’s most sought after global construction technology conferences. More than 6,000 people from 78 countries attended last year.   

While the in-person event is more of an experience with the buzz of hundreds of people everywhere you turn, Virtual Groundbreak provides more opportunities for networking. At the beginning of registration, attendees will answer a few questions that will help match them with like-minded individuals or those in closely related fields.

Because of the software’s matchmaking functionality, participants are no longer limited to the 50 people they may be passing in the convention center. Now, they have the opportunity to chat through messaging, and also schedule a video call or connect on LinkedIn right away.

More Sessions, More Access

Groundbreak 2021 is packed with rich content. There are more than 60 sessions available from leading industry experts, discussing some of the latest industry solutions and the most pressing issues in construction.

Sessions range from how to best plan ahead for labor shortage challenges like, “Boost Your Labor Productivity With The Right Tools And Workflows,” to learning winning strategies for career development like, “Growing Your Career Beyond Your Job Title.”  

The lineup of speakers and topics are educational and inspiring—it’s impossible to choose which sessions will be the most valuable. Luckily, attendees don’t have to choose since all the sessions are pre-recorded and will be available on-demand for 30 days following the event. 

Participants will get to experience and learn from more of the sessions and keynotes than ever before. This opens Virtual Groundbreak 2021 beyond a two-day window—even ticket holders who may not be available when the event goes live can still experience the majority of the conference.

Ask the Experts

One of Groundbreak’s most popular attractions is its Innovation Lab. Crowds come together to speak with Procore developers, product experts, customer service reps, and other pros who help answer their most pressing questions.

The virtual version of the Innovation Lab is “Ask the Experts,” which is back this year. The same experts will be available to get all your Procore questions answered. Chat rooms will be available based on industry topics. Participants can then follow conversations fellow attendees are having as well as ask their own questions. 

You won’t have all-access to Procore experts at any other time in the year like you will at Groundbreak. For that reason, take all of the time you need in “Ask the Experts,” and get your questions answered on the spot.

Easy Access to Exhibitors

The Sponsor Showcase at Groundbreak is also returning this year. Sponsors get to reach out and engage new people while offering learning opportunities to attendees.

Participants will see the sponsor logo, click into it and join their space. There will be demos, sponsors will be chatting in a chat room and people can download files from the sponsor. While it won’t be a one-on-one video chat, attendees will be able to ask all their questions in the chat room or simply follow the thread to learn from other participants.

Heavy-Hitter Prizes

Newcomers to Groundbreak 2021 will want to strategize to get as much as they possibly can out of this packed two-day event. Since the breakout sessions will be available to watch and rewatch after the event, be sure to prioritize the conference’s live-only aspects. 

There’s a bonus to interacting with as much Groundbreak content as you can during the two days the conference is live. Each thing you do, whether it’s attending a breakout session, asking a question at “Ask the Experts,” or watching a sponsor’s demo in the “Sponsor Showcase,” will earn you points toward heavy-hitter prizes.

Groundbreak Global Connection   

There’s another silver lining that comes with meeting virtually—the ability to welcome attendees from all over the world, especially those who otherwise might not have been able to attend an in-person conference thousands of miles away.

In previous Groundbreak events the conference might have seen attendees from 15 or 20 different countries. Last year’s Virtual Groundbreak had participants from 78 countries and that number is expected to grow this year. 

In addition, Groundbreak 2021 will be offering more global content that is tailored to participants’ needs and local time zones. International audiences can select which country they’re from to view the agenda for their specific region. Also, new this year, all sessions will have subtitles available in five languages.

Getting Your Tickets to Groundbreak

It’s not only the added travel time and expense registrants will save on, it’s the ticket price, too. Doing everything virtually means Procore is able to offer three registration options: A Full Conference Pass, Group Pass, and a complimentary Keynote Pass (limited access). All represent significant savings over previous years.  

Moreover, with the Full Conference Pass, attendees have double the access than last year thanks to the extended hours to accommodate different time zones and audiences around the world.

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