Spectrum ERP Users Reveal Their Favorite Tips

Spectrum ERP Users Reveal Their Favorite Tips

Feyen Zilstra’s Rick Siner showed a few tips and tricks on how he uses Spectrum to streamline his company’s payroll processes.

Feyen Zilstra’s payroll team needed to be able to review all timecards for a payroll cycle from a variety of sources, whether unapproved, approved, or already updated to the cycle.

“We have had all kinds of different tools involved in time collection over the years,” said Rick Siner, director of information technology of Feyen Zilstra, a building equipment contracting company.

When he arrived at Feyen Zilstra four years ago, Siner decided to take a hard look at some of the issues they had generating accurate time for their employees—clearly an important issue for both management and employees.

Over a six month period, Siner was able to set up and implement daily reports to help account for individual work times. During that time, Siner found that a number of their applications had various timecard data being entered.

“One of the things that we ran into early in that process was that time was being keyed into a data report, and into another individual time app, and we still had data going into Spectrum,” said Siner. “It was cumbersome to edit timecards for five to 700 employees, and it also became easy to miss some of the controls we have in place. We would test the data, as well as manually review.”

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