Tracking food and beverage plant construction

Tracking food and beverage plant construction

Phil Puccio

It’s been a busy year for food business construction.

In the first seven months of 2021, construction activity in the manufacturing sector was up 40% over 2020, according to Dodge Data & Analytics. Food and beverage is one of the three most active business areas in industrial construction right now, said Chief Economist Richard Branch.

But how does that look on a map?

Food Dive, a sister publication of Construction Dive, has tracked construction projects that were either announced or completed in 2021 through Oct. 22. The following charts are based on press releases, news reports and interviews with companies about their expansions in the United States. This is not a comprehensive list of every announced and completed project this year.

Half of the states in the U.S. have seen at least one new food industry facility this year. Texas and Missouri are two of the most popular, attracting construction projects partially because of their strategic locations. California, long a hub for food production and high tech companies, has also drawn new facilities, many which are in up-and-coming food segments.

This map shows where these facilities are being built. Basic information is available by clicking on each state.

The following chart goes into greater detail about each project. It looks at the kind of construction —brand new facilities, expansions of existing facilities or renovations to existing buildings. It lists the cost, the announcement and completion dates, and the number of new employees each facility is expected to have. It also gives some details of the reasoning behind each new facility and what it means to the company that is building it.

This information is based only on easily available information in press releases and media reporting. If a section is blank, it means that the information could not be easily found.

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